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Published on December 8th, 2013

Organizations will be charged a user fee for playing time according to the fee structure below. These fees are to provide for annual costs of fertilization, repair (including seed, top dressing, etc.) and preparation of the fields for play (scheduling, lining materials, equipment, and labor). In addition, an organization imposing costs on the LCSFA, such as the use of lighting, repair of damage, etc., will be responsible for such costs. Security deposits may also be required before an event is held.

The LCSFA Board of Directors may waive user fees.

Youth Partners: $35/practice $45match
Youth Non-Partners: $50/practice $100/match
Over19 Partners: $50/practice $60/match
Over19 Non-Part. $50/practice $60/match
HS/College: NA $75/match
Tournaments (2 days): $500/small field $800/large field

Practice fees are based on use of a small-sided or 1/2 of a regulation field for 1 1/2 hours.  Full Field (ff) practices fees are generally double 1/2 field fees. 

Camp Fees: If the number of participants is not more than 18 and the length of time is not more than 2 hours, use full field practice fee.  Over 18 participants generates additional fees at roughly $2 per participant. Over 2 hours generates an additional match fee for every two hours or fraction thereof.

Lighting Fee: $72/hour/field. The fee will be split between two practice teams whenever possible.