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Published on April 6th, 2018

LCSF Opening Day: April 11, 2018. Field status will be posted at this website day-to-day.

To view the schedule, select "Schedules" from the drop down menus and you will see both an Events Schedule and a Field Schedule. I will be updating the schedule as I add items so you can always see the latest version. The matches listed for each day will be listed in order of time rather than by field. When I tell you your event has been scheduled it will usually be on the master schedule immediately.

Practices: We will have only one time slot each evening this spring so that we can reduce wear and tear and help maintain our fields' quality. The team assigned will have some flexibility to choose practice time period between 5:00 and 8:30. The duration of each practice should still be 1½ hours. We appreciate your cooperation. Mens' League will be held on Wednesdays so practices will be scheduled Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Reminder: DO NOT PRACTICE IN THE GOAL MOUTH. These areas are difficult to maintain with just league and tournament play alone.

Please note: We will not be using the lights at any time this Spring. The uncertainty that weather introduces in April results in expenditures for lighting far in excess of income.

Matches: Requests can be sent by either coaches or club/league representatives. All billing, however, is done on a Club level. Keep in mind, we do not review league schedules to see who might have claimed LCSF as a home field.

Tenative Tournament Dates:

April 14/15 College Ultimate Frisbee-5 fields

April 28-29 College Ultimate Frisbee-2 fields-Womens' D3
May 26-27 Great Lehigh Valley Soccer Festival (Memorial Day w/e)
June 9-10 LVYSL Tournament-all fields
June 30-July1 PADA Philly Invite
August 4-5 Ultimate Philly Open
September 1-2 Lou Ramos Classic all fields
October 6-7 Western Lehigh Fall Tournament-all fields


Let me know if you would like to be taken off this mailing list or if you have additions as I build the Spring 2018 mailing list.

I'm looking forward to working with you this spring,

Marti Schwartz
LCSF Scheduling

News & Announcements

Fields Open Today

Published on December 7th, 2013

Welcome to the website of the Lehigh County Sports Field Association (LCSFA). Twenty-five years ago a group of men and women decided to make a difference by providing a quality soccer facility for all soccer organizations throughout the Lehigh Valley. With the help of numerous organizations, soccer clubs, and Lehigh County officials, these dedicated people formed LCSFA and, over four seasons, were able to initiate the soccer facility you see today. Since that time, LCSFA and Lehigh County have continued their mission by adding, improving, maintaining, scheduling, and lining fields from April through November. But the job is not finished. This website is just one of several new features you should notice as you communicate with us and walk the fields this spring. LCSFA invites your feedback on this site and on the fields so we can continue to make improvements and make your soccer experience a great one.