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About the LCSFA

Published on July 21st, 2013

The Lehigh County Sports Fields Association (LCSFA) was established in 1993 to oversee the development and operation of a sports complex, primarily geared for soccer, to support local athletic organizations and promote the Lehigh Valley region.  The outcome is a first-class, family oriented facility with a total of nine playing areas (3 equipped with lights), a picnic pavilion, parking space for players and spectators, and a walking/running track.  Thousands of players, from under 6 to over (way over) 40 years old, utilize the complex each year.

his significant investment also provides facilities for soccer tournaments drawing from the Mid-Atlantic and Eastern states areas.  The site currently hosts three tournaments each year bringing families into Lehigh County, which utilize local hotels, restaurants, and various shopping centers.  The complex’s positive impact on business and regional recognition to Lehigh County are important community contributions.

In addition to offering a family friendly athletic environment, the LCSFA is focused on offering soccer activities to inner-city youth of Allentown.

The outreach soccer program began about five years ago and provides two 7-week instructional leagues per year to children from the City of Allentown.  The children come from many organizations including the Boys and Girls Club, Sheridan Elementary School, and the Salvation Army.  The program has been extremely popular and has grown to include almost 250 children and 50 volunteer coaches per year.  Also, there have been a growing number of family members getting involved; this is a sure sign that soccer is becoming a more popular sport among these youth and that their families are supporting them.  An indicator of the program’s success is the fact that the outreach activities have led to the establishment of a separate outreach oriented organization, the Allentown Youth Soccer Club.